HKU Research Day

Welcome to the University of Ottawa Orthopaedics first virtual HKU Research Day!

On this page, you will find posters and links to video presentations from our sponsors.


Best Poster: Dr. Ang Li

Student: Mr. Ethan Sanders

Fellow: Dr. Adrianna Martinez

2nd Resident Award: Dr. Marc-Antoine Ricard

1st Resident Award: Dr. Brendan Swift

Order of Poster Presentations

1. Dr. Alenko Sakanovic
2. Dr. Akshay Seth
3. Dr. William Hadden
4. Dr. Mohammad AlSaqabi
5. Dr. Stephanie Coupal
6. Dr. Ang Li
7. Erik Kowalski
8. Brook Biniam
9. Christopher Mattice
10. Adrian Joseph-Michel Bailey
11. Hamid Nessek
12. Zachary DeVries
13. Dr. Cara Walker


Toggle each tab to find posters. The tabs are arranged in order of presenters from left to right.

Presentation by Dr. Alenko Sakanovic

Presentation by Dr. Akshay Seth

Presentation by Dr. William Hadden

Presentation by Dr. Mohammad Alsaqabi

Presentation by Dr. Stephanie Coupal

Presentation by Dr. Ang Li

Presentation by Erik Kowalski

Presentation by Brook Biniam

Presentation by Christopher Mattice

Presentation by Adrian Joseph-Michel Bailey

Presentation by Hamid Nessek

Presentation by Zachary DeVries

Presentation by Dr. Cara Walker

Video Presentations

Please take the time to thank our sponsors by watching the videos below

ConMed Linvatec Video Presentation

Infinity™ Knee System - Product Video

Depuy Synthes Video Presentation

Attune Knee

Tribe Medical Group Video Presentation

“What we have been up to at Tribe”

Zimmer Biomet 

Video Presentation

MicroPort Orthopaedics Video Presentation

Evolution® Medial-Pivot Product Animation


Video Presentation

Wright Medical Blueprint

Video Presentation

Smith & Nephew

Virtual Booth